In these years, the import amount of LNG keeps rising up in China, and has reached the first place globally. As the reform and opening up of the domestic nature gas industry in China, nature gas industry will enter the golden developing period in next ten years. Especially in 2019, leaders from national departments put their emphasis repeatedly on the the exploration of nature gas to ensure the winter heating supply, which brings new opportunities to the nature gas industry.

China Shale Gas Summit has bee held successfully for eight years, and reached great reputation in domestic. The CSGS gathers academicians, professionals and leaders of well-know enterprises to discuss the future path of China shale gas development in-depth. Summit content varies, from shale gas cognition and technology innovation, to the industrial history of commercial exploration. Central issues as how to accelerate the commercial exploration of China shale gas to achieve the set production goal of the Nation Energy Administration; current technology innovation; probability of social capital entering; details of state subsidies and local subsidies policy; etc. will be the main discussed in the 12th China Shale Gas Summit. Welcome to join the CSGS, exchange and interact your opinions and thoughts.